OCC Projects video Gallery

"Lucky enough"
On the
Hudson river

A couple, designing & building their dream home on the edge of the Hudson River, are faced with a dilemma. Their property is comprised of 3 lots with 3 seawalls of different configurations and type. There are vertical stone revetments and poured concrete. All of the walls are collapsing and beyond repair. OCC brought forward a solution, a solution that also proved to visually enhance.


Shoreline Protection is a 1 min 30 sec video about the effects of erosion. it is not just storms that damage shorelines & sea barriers.

Stonington Scenes

This 4 min 46 sec program shows, not only details the 1100 ft Seawall Construction project to install a foundation wall, widen and increase the height of the seawall and also remove and replace the revetment wall with a larger, stronger version. The video includes a short  program about historical Stonington Borough.


TESTIMONIAL: This OCC project involved the challenge of installing a foundation wall, repairing & pointing an 1840 granite stone seawall and completly removing, replacing and expanding the stone revetment.


Seawall Life is a short video that reveals the reality of shoreline vulnerability. The a mission of Ocean County Constructionis  to design, build, renovate and repair seawalls and, above all, to ensure they last. Beyond that, attractive appearance and improved functionality is always a byproduct of the talent, workmanship and ethics of OCC,


The prized Jetty it is more than a dock, it is a bold extension of opportunity and experience. It is shoreline confidence the OCC way. This video takes you through the constructive renovation and expansion of a privately owned jetty. To the end, this jetty is an unwavering path to an ocean of life experiences.