This is Part 3 of 5, a series of OCC Project photographs for a site on the Hudson River.

One may question, with fair reasoning: "Why 5 photo albums of this project?". The answer is: "Details." To me the details are important. My objective here is to inform, to provide an accurate visual representation of OCC projects. In my view, to skip the details, is a loss of some of the most important aspects of the project. In order to truly understand why OCC is better, one should have the details. This project presents a great opportunity to show some of those details such as chinking and waterside steps.

Every project that OCC engages in, is a story worth telling. This story, at Part 3 in photographs, is at the stage where most of the heavy lifting has been accomplished and the detail support work is in progress. Significant to this, is the stairway down to the river. Creating a tapered natural base and then cutting and setting long and very heavy granite steps, is a challenge to say the least.

Another phase is chinking the stone. "Chinking", is the long and tedious, hands-on process of using relatively small stone to wedge or pin the large parent stone, locking it into position. Some of the chinking stone can weigh in as much as 100lbs and the guys will often throw them into position as well as place and hammer them home. Chinking improves wall stability and becomes increasingly more important as the stone revetment settles over time. A few chinking stones will be pushed out over time but, most will tighten up the structure to ensure a lasting, reliable, protective stone revetment. It is critical finish work and OCC finishes best.

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