This is Part 4 of 5, a series of OCC Project photographs for a site on the Hudson River.

As mentioned in Part 3, the details include the long and tedious. The finishing of a grand staircase of beautiful granite steps to the waters edge of the great Hudson was one of several of those tasks. The stairway will surely serve as a cooling summer gathering place.

All in, the chinking of the stone revetment, inspections, site cleanup, heavy equipment transport and, a few moments to remember why all of this is done. In the "Lucky Enough" video interview, viewable on this OCC website, the story says it all. From this vantage point you can watch the collaboration and cohesiveness of mother nature and American motion. From magical mountains of the scenic Hudson Highlands to the traveling waters of the Hudson. From bald eagles and bears, to trains, ships and small boats, it is all here.

Make no mistake, an important emotional landmark is being created. It is called home. It matters that it is kept safe and beautiful with an OCC strong, eco friendly, stone revetment.

See the Project Story below.
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