This is Part 5 of 5, the final in a series of OCC Project photographs for a site on the Hudson River.

The Stone Revetment Project on the banks of the Hudson River is finished. It has character. It has a natural attractiveness. It has function and strength. It has genuine value.

In a world that appears so dominated with "fast & easy", it seems the term is actually associated more with low quality, "quick and dirty". I am going to touch on the delicate here, it is called responsibility and it relates directly to value. The responsibility of the contractor, is to do the job correctly and not in a "fast and easy" way that unfairly favors the contractors bottom line. Just dumping stone and calling it a revetment may be fast and easy but, it most cases, it offers little comparative long term value to the client.

OCC takes on a project responsibility seriously and more.  In this case, a deer sculpture artifact previously found on the property by the owners, was moved away and protected during construction. Then, as a finishing touch to the stone revetment seawall, OCC brought "Deerie" back and anchored her to a granite stone for protection. Sitting stones were placed in the water. A lasting touch to the new Deerie Point was set. Also, two artifact hatch covers were anchored to the dock foundation. The small touches make a difference and the seawall's character was married to an emotional connection  to the owners.

At OCC, a stone revetment for a client is a custom designed structure. It is built with the methods necessary to make it do the job it is intended to do and to do it exceptionally well.  An OCC stone revetment is assembled and interlocked in place. It is not a dumping of loose stone. It is an integral part of the home and must be built as such. In the end, meeting the responsibility, with OCC design/build standards, establishes great value to the client. Personalized character is also added value. At OCC, our value is built to last. Lucky Enough.

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