I guess what people ask about OCC is, "Why are they different?" After documenting construction at all levels from modular homes, to highways and bridges, to Foxwoods Casino, I can assure you, OCC is different. Small team, big results, top quality. It is what makes them rise above the others.

A good example is this job in Warwick, RI: A stone revetment seawall. There was already one there and, it wasn't very old but, to be honest, it was just not built correctly by the previous contractor and the property owner could see it. Despite all the stones they dumped in, the property was eroding fast. There are reasons for that, reasons that OCC understands.

What OCC does here, seen in these photos, is to disassemble the existing stone revetment seawall in segments. As they progress, they dig to well below the low tide mark to set the base (foundation) stones. These are key to prevent the wall from sinking and excessive settling. The embankment is shaped and lined with special, extremely tough fabric, to prevent soil/sand migration and erosion. Then, a rip-rap layer of small stone and coarse fill is placed over the fabric. On top of the base stones, the main large stones are placed one by one, not dumped. They are interlocked to ensure strength and longevity. At times the stones are shaped by hand and sledge, to secure the perfect fit. Finally, backfill and a loam cover for the yard, to finish it off.  

This stone revetment, was not a huge job for OCC. But, like all OCC projects, it was important. It was accomplished efficiently, despite a winter week of single digit temperatures. OCC did not slow down or sacrifice the quality of the build.  They did it right, from beginning to the end. This summer, the owner will enjoy the protection, functionality and appearance of a stone revetment that promises longevity. That is the OCC difference and, that, is big.

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PROJECT STORY - A sunrise start on a deep winter day. With temperatures often in the single digits, OCC still sets the stones. Reshaping the embankment, fabric lay and foundations stone setting, are critical to ensuring a long lasting stone revetment seawall.